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  • I am interested in learning German. How do I get started?
    That’s great! First, take a look at our courses and decide the best one for you. Next, fill up the form expressing your interest in the course. Not sure on selecting the course? Nothing to worry. Just indicate that in the form. We will get in touch with you soon to get your learning journey started.
  • What should I expect after expressing interest/submitting contact form?
    Expect a call from us to discuss your requirements further. We will discuss course structure, fees, class schedule, special needs or preferences and any doubts you may have. Once you are comfortable, we can work on earliest start date and get going.
  • Do I need to pay any fees upfront?
    No, we encourage students to request for a FREE demo before committing to the courses. As the course commences, Fees payment schedule is communicated upfront, depending on the course selected.
  • What is the duration of courses?
    For standard courses, kindly refer the course details on Course Page. For customized courses duration of course is designed according to your goals and requirements.
  • Do you offer group classes?
    Yes, learning a language along with friends and acquaintances is fun and certainly helpful in practicing it further. We would love to arrange tailor-made classes for specific groups. Moreover, each one in the group gets an attractive discount from us. Please get in touch for more details.
  • What is the benefit of personalized 1-1 class over classroom trainings offered by regular language training institutions?
    Regular classroom trainings are usually conducted at a fixed schedule and follow a set course plan. 1-1 classes are tailor-made and ideal for those who are looking to achieve very concrete goals and customized curriculum. If you have a very tight schedule and need flexibility in timing, 1-1 classes shall make the most of your invested time.
  • Is German language difficult to learn?
    Learning German isn’t as difficult as many think. Unlike French, Italian and Spanish which are Romance languages, both English and German belong to the same Germanic language family. This is why lot of basic vocabulary is similar in English and German. For example, the Water becomes ‘Wasser’, Father becomes ‘Vater’ and Apple becomes ‘Apfel’. In addition, German language is spelled phonetically. Once you learn the system of sounds, it is easy to predict how the spoken word is written and how the written word is pronounced. It does not seem so hard now, does it?
  • Are there any tips or techniques to learn German quickly?
    In our lessons, we give students few tips that help them to learn vocabulary and practice pronunciation at home. We suggest our students to include the language in their daily life. Students can set German as their default language on their laptop. This would help in learning German words and phrases faster. Instead of translating English words and phrases into German, we encourage students to think in German language itself. One can start with simple phrases such as ‘Ich trinke gern Orangensaft’ (I like to drink orange juice).
  • What are the benefits of learning German language?
    As we listed our top reasons on the home page, learning German language indeed opens possibilities in advancing your education and career path. Germany being a strong economic power in European union and the world, learning the language opens endless opportunities for you. Besides being the most widely spoken language in Europe, German culture inherits a rich legacy in art, literature, music and has a special place in modern world history. Language is really the doorway in getting to understand a culture’s soul.
  • What is the first thing students learn in German class?
    On the first day we start off by speaking common German greetings like Guten Tag! (Good Day), Wie geht es Ihnen? (How are you?). We then continue with Ich heisse (I am called as) or Ich komme aus (I come from). After two lessons, the participants can also introduce themselves in German and can make basic conversations. That really gives them a sense of achievement. Participants are happy knowing that they now are able to introduce themselves in German. This motivates them to continue learning ahead.
  • What are technical requirements to attend online classes?
    A laptop or a PC with good internet connectivity is all that you need. The classes shall be interactive and held in an audio video conferencing mode with white board and screensharing option with a facility to chat, interact, ask questions and engage in conversations. We make use of popular technology online platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and others depending on course requirements and student preferences.
  • Do you provide Demo Class?
    Yes, we understand that you may like to try out our learning method before committing. We facilitate a trial class of 30 minutes. Simply sign up and book a slot using Book a Demo.
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